I smell like campfires,
Like I'm still 16.
Now I'm gone and I really wish you'd call me.
But I won't pick up because I'm afraid of what you'll say.
Maybe I should pick up and let somebody
Finally put me in my place.

I sound like congratulation cards with predetermined praise,
Can I be honest?
You occupy such a huge space in my brain,
So when you tell me how you're feeling
It knocks the wind out of my chest,
And when you say you're feeling hopeless
Then I really cannot catch my breath.
I know being happy is hard,
But just so you know I could hold my breath for months
If I could help you at all.

I look like rabbits that didn't know winter was rolling in,
And I've spent too damn long running from all my problems,
Thought if I shut my eyes
And prayed real hard,
Then maybe god or someone would solve them,
But it looks like, I have to solve them.
I need to stop wearing shoes so I can try to feel grounded.
I need to never lie & colour myself totally honest.
Keep it together, keep up face.
I need to keep it together, keep up face.

Lately I feel at my sanest,
In the projection room at the east side theatre.
The quiet ticking of the movies
Reminds me that time is always moving.
Am I moving?


from At the End of South Washington, released August 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Garrett Walters Bloomington, Indiana

Hanging out around town. Working more than I mean to.

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