It was raining off and on.
Humid air stuck to my throat.
I traced small figure eights onto my arm
We sat quietly, you winced when I said I felt alone.

But, winter was hard,
And I can hear December linger in your speech.
I wanna touch your arm, but I just repeat your name.

Walked you to your car,
Gravel crunching under my feet.
Two silver bugs dug in on the back of my knees
Keep me from staying they tell me that it's time to leave.

To an empty house.
A black and white porch cat scratched me when I walked past.
Silently, I blessed him and invited him in.
Put on your favourite record said I really shouldn't feel this bad.

But, winter was hard,
I printed big photos for my wall.
Drank your favourite tea every night.
Imagined myself out on the west coast.
Imagined you downstairs singing.
I imagined so many stupid things,
While I was trying to get by.


from At the End of South Washington, released August 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Garrett Walters Bloomington, Indiana

Hanging out around town. Working more than I mean to.

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