He called me at one in the morning
To tell me ran over a dog on his way home from work.
He started crying so hard that I thought he was laughing.
So I started laughing.

When I was a kid I went rabbit hunting with my dad,
We’d go after it snowed so we could see their little tracks.
We’d stomp on thorny thickets to scare them out,
But I was always so afraid of falling in.
I could imagine the way the thorns would cut into my skin,
And I’d get so entangled that I wouldn't escape till winters end.

Dad always said my heart was way too soft
Don’t cry, your heart’s too soft

Stiffen your upper lip. Could you even take a hit?
Always keep your free hand balled into a fist.
Only look forward, do not romanticize the past.
Be careful with your soft heart, it’s not gonna last.


from At the End of South Washington, released August 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Garrett Walters Bloomington, Indiana

Hanging out around town. Working more than I mean to.

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